Oct 2011 eCommerce Survey

The Ecommerce Survey is now

October 2011’s eCommerce survey found 4% more stores than the June survey, detecting 26,594 in total. The analysis looks at the home page of the top 1 million Alexa sites and analyses them for identifying features of 32 different eCommerce packages.

Both Zen Cart and Magento see huge growths of 18% each this month. However, Magento is the real winner with over 20% of the eCommerce sites found being attributed to the platform. We’ve consistently seen growth from Magento over the last 12 months and it shows no sign of slowing.

Meanwhile, osCommerce remains the 4th most popular platform but the downward trend continues with 200 less sites compared June’s survey.

There are a number of other eCommerce platforms that have seen steady growth over the last 12 months, including Interspire, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Uber-cart.

The presence of Enterprise edition of Magento has increased from 274 to 378 sites, up by over a third! As a biased Magento Developer, it is very encouraging to see more and more corporate companies moving to the platform.

As an aside, the hosting location of each site was checked. Of the twenty-six thousand sites, over ten thousand were hosted in the United States. The second largest identifiable hosting country was Germany with just under two thousand sites.

Most Popular eCommerce Software (Top 1M Sites) - October 2011

October 2011 eCommerce Results

This month, I decided to also look at just the top 100,000 sites to see how the distribution changes. I was expecting software such as IBM WebSphere and GSI commerce to rule the Enterprise market. Magento actually does very well there with 232 stores, and only 45 of which appear to be built upon the Professional/Enterprise edition.

Most Popular eCommerce Software (Top 100K Sites)- October 2011

October 2011 eCommerce Results Top 100K

Full Results

Here are the full results for all 32 eCommerce packages. Historic values are also provided were available.

eCommerce Platform June 2011 Oct 2011
Magento 4705 5589
Zen Cart 3167 3758
VirtueMart 2701 2753
osCommerce 2554 2334
PrestaShop 1302 1518
Ubercart 992 1305
Volusion 1099 1157
Yahoo Stores 1315 977
Interspire 819 918
ECSHOP 667 831
OpenCart 660 757
WP e-Commerce 754 747
X-Cart 659 639
Miva Merchant 802 464
IBM WebSphere Commerce 1011 396
CS-Cart 397 383
OXID eSales 305 311
Shopify 204 251
3DCart 209 249
Actinic 237 221
Shopp 171 193
Demandware 140 182
ProStores 275 132
ATG 91 112
nopCommerce 81 111
GSI Commerce 64 63
ekmPowershop 65 62
CubeCart 47 56
FoxyCart 34 47
Big Cartel 44 47
LemondStand 12 16
TomatoCart 9 15

All of the signatures remained the same this month, but I did fix one bug that had resulted in some false positives. This causing an anomaly which is particularly noticeable with IBM WebSphere, Miva Merchant and ProStores all losing a number of stores in this edition of the survey.

Most Popular eCommerce Sites Comparison over last 12 Months - October 2011

The following graph is limited to the top 18 eCommerce software and depicts number of sites detected over time. It is plotted on the same axes to allow for relative values to be compared.

October 2011 eCommerce Comparison


Thank you for those that get in contact to thank me for the survey. It’s nice to hear all of you, but especially from those that have used this series of posts as evidence when discussing eCommerce solutions with clients.

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After discussions with Alexa, I’ve been able to confirm that it’s not against their terms of service to sell lists of sites running particular eCommerce software. So, if you’re interested in getting a full or partial site list. Please get in touch.

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