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  • Quantifying the Community

    I was talking to Sherrie Rohde, our friend and community manager, about her work which includes the Magento Master programme. A fantastic initiative to highlight and engage with those in the community that contribute substantially to it. And it got me thinking, how big is our community and what counts as an active community?

    If you’re at all familiar with Magento conferences, you’ll see a few names over and over again. Particularly if...

  • The Ethical Impact of AI on Society

    Last week I shared my experiences of the AISB hackathon. Another part of the conference that was open to members of the public was a panel discussion on The Ethical Impact of AI on Society. A quick look at the event page made it immediately obvious the wealth of knowledge and experience that would be answering questions:

    • Alan Winfield, a Professor of Robot Ethics at the University of West of England
    • ...
  • Investigating Redditors' values with IBM Watson

    This week saw the annual AISB conference come to Bath. That’s the “Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour” for the uninitiated which I include myself in. In addition to researchers presenting their papers, there was a hackathon that was opening to the public. The theme was “building Artificially Intelligent systems to work within society” and it was a great opportunity for academics to engage with the local developer community.

  • Universal Basic Income, What Gives?

    Over the last couple of years, I’ve taken an interest in the rise in discussions on Universal Basic Income (UBI). It’s not often that I write about politics or economics but I wanted to compile the articles I’ve read and distill into one qualitative study on the topic to consider its attractiveness.

    In case you aren’t familiar, the idea of universal basic income is to remove the various welfare benefit programmes and provide all citizens...