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  • Tools for Managing A PHP Library

    I spend an awful lot of time with Magento, but over the past year I’ve been catching up with how PHP has been progressing since the days when Magento was architected.

    One of the small side-projects I took on to familiarise myself with modern PHP development was to create a library which served as an wrapper around the IBM Watson API for Visual Recognition.

    Composer Development Tools

    When getting set up, I...

  • Finding Swimming Pools with IBM Watson

    Much of my recent research and development time recently has been spent exploring IBM’s machine learning. For anyone that’s spent time with me will know that I’m a little bit obsessed with the potential of Watson’s APIs. I’m impressed with the direction that IBM is taken and they’ve become creators of innovate software services of the future. As they transition away from hardware this is a very exciting time.

    I was grateful for the opportunity...

  • Reading and Getting Closer to the Source

    In an age where bite-sized content is continually generated and immediately available, it can be hard not to consume it. Whether the fix is email, social media, news, web articles, it is hard to combat that sweet, sweet dopamine release as we search for new information.

    When it comes to reading articles, I’ve sworn by Pocket for 3 years there are 2000 articles in my archive to prove it. I even re-mixed...

  • Magento Custom Homepage Per Theme.

    Magento’s multi-website, multi-store management is fantastic for handling internationalisation and design variations. One of the features that can help support design variations are using theme exceptions based on browser user agent.

    For those clients where a responsive overhaul of the site isn’t achievable we have often launched a minimum viable product responsive site and only made it available for tablet devices.

    This allows us to reduce costs for the client while also ensure that their...