April 2014 eCommerce Survey

The Ecommerce Survey is now

For the fourth year running Magento remains the most popular platform on the market. This survey sees an additional 35% added to Magento’s site count. Even with this growth it maintains a stable 26% of the marketshare due to the growth in other platforms and further software being added to the survey to improve coverage and accuracy.

Over the last year, the number of ecommerce sites detected in the Alexa top 1 million has increased by 34% to 46,859.

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The addition of WooCommerce has shown the Wordpress plugin to be a sizeable competitor to Magento, with 4,524 sites. While it would typically be considered as a software for smaller ecommerce companies, it is now the second most popular. Plugin updates have been very frequent recently for WooCommerce, with 8 point releases this year already.

That being said, Magento widens the gap when considering higher traffic ranks. Looking at sites that have ranks higher than 250,000, we see 2,516 Magento sites while WooCommerce responds with 692.

Other platforms that see increases are PrestaShop and Shopify. It is not surprising to see growth from Shopify as they have had a number of significant announcements in the last year including launching Payments, POS System and Shopify Mobile. OpenCart also sees growth of 50%, an even greater increase on its jump of 39% that was seen last time. Part of this could be down to improved signatures, but there has been one version and 5 point releases of OpenCart in the last year.

With consecutive losses on recent surveys, both Zen Cart and osCommerce continue to move down the ecommerce league table.

A further 28 technologies have been added with 77 ecommerce platforms now being recognised. Many of the new platforms are smaller technologies so they are towards the bottom of the full results list.

For the first time, other forms of technology have been searched for, e.g. cache tools, CRM, web servers, analytics and CMS. The aim of which is to allow for more in depth analysis such as that 628 (5%) Magento stores are also using Varnish as a caching mechanism.

Using these results, I have also been able to identify that up to 16% of ecommerce sites are now using responsive design techniques through the responsive ecommerce survey.

The Top 100K

Turning to the top 100K busiest sites according to Alexa, 2,373 stores were detected. In this section of the survey we are expecting more enterprise-focussed shopping cart solutions.

The results of which show that Magento continues to have the most stores in the top 100K. Identifying 704 Magento installations means that it sees a slightly increased majority of 30% compared to the full 1 million. Second and fourth most popular in this category are the traditional Enterprise products IBM WebSphere and ATG Web Commerce. However, newcomer to the survey, WooCommerce takes third position in the top 100K with 186 sites.

Full Results

Here are summarised results for each platform.

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For each site the Alexa site rank and the eCommerce platform are provided. Additionally, a DNS lookup is conducted and provides IP and hosting network and country where available. e.g.
Commerce Server
IP Address
Hosting Country
AS32787 Prolexic Technologies, Inc.
Response Time (ms)
Email Addresses
New in this edition of the survey, email addresses are also provided where they have been detected on the home page of a site. If you are interested in a filtered dataset or when that is cross-related to other technologies in other technology groups, e.g. server, cache tool or CMS, please also let me know. ### About the Survey The survey takes the list of the top 1 million sites as provided by Alexa (an Amazon-owned company). It then fetches the HTML document for the home page and analyses against a library of over 500 signatures that have been written. A signature is a rule that identifies an individual platform. For example, for Magento this would be a reference to the varien/js.js JavaScript file. The accuracy of the survey is being improved with each edition as signature rules are added and reviewed. The platform has been rebuilt since the last survey. The signatures have been expanded massively to not only increase the coverage of ecommerce platforms but also other types of technology. The long-term aim here is to draw understanding how platforms are paired together and to discover 'best of breed' systems. In addition to this the platform has been re-built in Java and Cassandra. Alexa produces their site list based on visits to sites by the Alexa toolbar user community. Plans are being made to include data from Quantcast to reduce the inevitable bias of using a single dataset. I co-own an eCommerce development company, Meanbee. We specialise in Magento, and hence a reasonable argument could be made for a biased survey. I would respond that significant effort has been put into writing rules for each and every platform and regular improvements are made to the accuracy of all signatures. Focussing on eCommerce as a company we are interested in observing how the market share of platforms changes over time. This enables us to judge the speed of adoption of new platforms and the demise of others. This way we can be sure that we are knowledgeable about the solutions that are available and offering the most appropriate platform for our clients. Feedback, suggestions and questions always welcome. Say hello on twitter, I'm @bobbyshaw.
eCommerce Platform Feb 2013 April 2014
Magento 9063 12252
WooCommerce 4524
PrestaShop 2998 3836
OpenCart 2425 3736
VirtueMart 3324 2722
Shopify 826 2115
osCommerce 2461 2009
Zen Cart 2515 1590
BigCommerce 1106 1239
Volusion 1168 1212
IBM WebSphere Commerce 525 939
Yahoo! Stores 1014 808
Ubercart 770 709
WP e-Commerce 799 687
CS-Cart 620 539
Demandware 304 480
Miva Merchant 547 463
3DCart 338 383
Interspire 379
OXID eSales 338 374
Shopware 371
X-Cart 399 354
Hybris 214 344
Gambio 333
ECSHOP 484 308
Commerce Server 304
JTL Shop 302
ATG 335 299
ePages 146 245
nopCommerce 145 201
E-junkie 213 197
Intershop 156 183
xt:Commerce 118 180
plentyMarkets 138 169
AbleCommerce 159 142
Shopp 152 141
MonsterCommerce 161 133
Actinic 166 130
Drupal Commerce 68 113
Big Cartel 72 92
ekmPowershop 73 90
FoxyCart 68 87
MartJack 82
ShopSite 82 75
ProStores 100 72
Shopatron 63
Venda 52
Tray 50
LemonStand 23 46
EZ Commerce 40
SEO Shop 36
SmartStore 34
Apache OFBIZ 34
RomanCart 28 31
GSI Commerce 45 29
Buid a Bazaar 29
BluCommerce 21 29
ShopFactory 40 28
RBS Change 16 27
Zepo 26
Digital River 16 25
CosmoShop 29 25
TomatoCart 19 23
Quick.Cart 19
MondoShop 19
eMerchant 19
Xanario 18
CubeCart 34 16
iCongo 15
Spree 7
dashCommerce 3
Bigware 2
AgoraCart 3 1
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