Magento Extends Lead in eCommerce Survey - February 2011

The Ecommerce Survey is now

Magento extends its lead in this edition of the eCommerce survey. 4,074 of the busiest million sites were running Magento, this figure up 19% since November last year. 208 of these were built on the premium version of the Magento platform, Magento Enterprise.

osCommerce is, again, the 2nd most used eCommerce software but slipped 3% to 3,033 sites. New to this edition, Virtuemart is found to be the 3rd most prevalent with 2,683 stores. The top 3 account for over 50% of stores in the survey.

eCommerce Survey Results - February 2011

The eCommerce survey takes the top 1 million sites provided by Alexa, the web information company. It analyses the home page of each site by matching against signatures for various eCommerce packages to determine if any are being used. This month, 19,000 eCommerce stores were found.

Additions to the survey are VirtueMart, IBM WebSphere Commerce, WP e-Commerce, Ubercart, Demandware and Foxy Cart. VirtueMart is considered the best eCommerce solution for Joomla!, while UberCart is regarded as the most popular choice for stores built on Drupal. WP e-Commerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress with over 850,000 downloads.

Here are the results in full.

</tbody> </table> Obviously there are limitations with this methodology and the numbers can only be used as an estimate of proliferation of each piece of software. With each run of this analysis I am not only increasing the software that are being checked for, but I am also extending the signature base so that there is a more accurate representation. For example, considerable increases can be seen for PrestaShop and Miva Merchant this month, but this is likely to be largely due to improvements in the signatures. I've now released a list of the top 10 sites for the the most popular eCommerce packages. I love all things eCommerce and Magento, follow me on twitter:@bobbyshaw
eCommerce SoftwareNov 2010Feb 2011
Zen Cart15561533
Miva Merchant710894
WP e-Commerce779
OXID eSales310314
IBM WebSphere Commerce223
GSI Commerce4859
Big Cartel2841
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