Magento Favicon: It's lovely and all, but not on a live store please guys!

With November’s list of sites running Magento, I thought it would be fun (don’t judge me) to look at how many of them were still using the default favicon.

This was a pretty easy process: for each store, I retrieved the favicon and calculated the MD5 hash of it. I then compared it with the MD5 hash of the Magento favicon Magento Favicon.

Out of the 3414 sites found built on Magento, I found that 362 of them were still using the default favicon.

Now, I know that it’s likely that some of these sites are demo stores for popular Magento Connect products. However, we are still looking at over 10% of the stores that I found. This is a good deal of Magento developers that are a bit lax when taking their stores live

Here’s a sample of the sites found to still be using the Magento favicon.

Oopsy, I also spied a couple of Magento Enterprise stores:

Just thought I’d share that snippet with you.

Next week, I’ll be looking at the default locales used on Magento stores. Follow me on twitter to hear about it.

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